all lessons are bespoke to your group or organisation. Let us know the kinds of dishes you'd like to learn.


our business model allows our classes to be budget friendly, and very competitive


We will endeavour to organise your lesson(s) on a day and time to suit you!

Community Development

With our background in Youth & Community work (in the Cambridge area), organisations booking our Cooking on a Budget classes can be sure that we understand the unique issues and challenges surrounding the users of your service/ organisation, particularly around safeguarding and issues associated with poverty and deprivation.


We endeavour to use locally sourced ingredients and our catering is delivered plastic-free. Hot food is delivered in large cooking pots and dishes, which we will collect the next day. Disposable items for cold buffets are kept to an absolute minimum. Cookery Class students are asked to bring non-plastic dishes for transporting their food home


Welcome to Learn to Cook Cambridge! We have been teaching people to learn to cook in and around the Cambridge area since 2014. From Cooking on a budget classes, to Mediteranean, to baking and indian cookery.
We have worked with a wide range of companies, organisations and individuals. Our lesson can be anything from 1 to 1, to groups and Masterclasses.
We have even taught our Indian Masterclasses aboard a Barge , at the 'Floating Hotel Ely' on the Ely riverside!

Our classes either take place in our Ely kitchen, or dependent on your location, we can come out to your home or workplace. This option is great if you would like to have a fun cooking session with a group of your friends / family, or for organisations

Please visit our Indian Cookery Classes specific website here -

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Cooking on a Budget

We work with local community groups, charities, food bank users , young parents groups, etc , teaching how to cook homemade nutritious meals from scratch, and cheaply! from 50p (or less) per portion.
We can also design healthier versions of typical takeaway dishes eg; Sweet and Sour chicken without the deep frying but more flavour!

Choose from a one off session to a series of weekly classes. We will take the group through the cooking of the chosen dishes in these hands on interactive classes, finishing with a a sit down meal afterwards.

Our lessons are sociable, fun and informative.
To date we have worked with Cambridge City Council, The Red Hen Project, Kettles Yard Museum (Community Outreach), scout groups, schools, youth groups, the elderly, and more.
We can also come along to your local community group to give a presentation (with food samples) on healthy budget cooking, and reducing food waste.

Please get in touch if you'd like to discuss us coming along to run a session at your organisation.

Catering - We also offer hot food catering for your project. we can come along and cook in your kitchen or bring the food ready made. A great way to end the final week of your Community Project! We know funding is very tight so Let us know your budget and we can provide you with a list of the different options we can do for that budget
As part of our Eco-Pledge we do not use single use plastics



Beginners Italian

3 hours

Like to learn the secrets to good pasta and pizza? Have a favourite italian dish you'd like to learn? This class will give you a good foundation to kick start your foray into italian cuisine.
The Price is for a 2 person class, so bring a friend! (These are private classes so you will be the only students)
Suitable for beginner-intermediate level

*Please note there is a £25 charge for weekend bookings


The Off to Uni cooking crash course! - Cooking basics

This course will take you through cooking a series of dishes to set you up for your time at university. The basic class is suited to a beginner level, but if you'd like it more advanced we can do that.
The hourly fee is for up to 2 people, so bring a friend to share the cost! At least a 2 hours class is recommended. or choose 2.5 hours or 3 (we can advise depending on the number and type of dishes you'd like to learn).

Following a discussion on the kinds of things you like to eat we will design a 'cookery crash course' just for you to take you through the creation of your dishes in simple straightforward steps.
All dishes are are budget friendly and, of course, delicious!

You will need to bring the basic ingredients along, and will then take home all your cooked dishes. ( We can get the ingredients but it will be more budget friendly for you to get them yourselves)

cooking menu ideas :

-Spaghetti Bolognese
-Macaroni / broccolli/cauliflower cheese
-Chinese stir fres with egg fried rice, noodles etc.
-Mexican Chicken & Peppers / fajitas
-Indian curries using meat, veg or lentils
-Soups - eg chunky veg paprika soup
- Lasagne / cannelloni (Vegetable or beef)
- Thai curries
- Pies / bakes
- Pancakes (sweet and savory)
- 'Anything' rice (use any leftover bits from the fridge in a stir fried rice dish)
- Paella
- Arabiata style tomato based sauces for use with pasta, chicken or veg dishes
- Snacks/ bites, eg: mini crustless quiches (perfect as a breakfast, snack, or as a meal with salad), Tortilla, etc
- quick deserts, cake, crumbles etc

A Recipe booklet with simple to follow steps will be emailed out to you after the class.

* *Vegan, Vegetarian or Gluten Free classes available**


Indian Cookery

Please follow this link for our full range of Indian Cookery Classes



Ayurvedic cookery

Learn to cook traditional ayurvedic dishes to help balance your 'doshas', as prescribed by the 5000 year old indian science of Ayurveda.
Ayurvedic food is simple, nutritious and wholesome. Learn the basics of this style of eating. eg: Kitchari.
If you have any particular dishes you'd like to learn, just let us know!
*Fee covers up to 2 people, but you welcome to bring a friend or come on your own


Vegan / Vegetarian Cookery

3 hours

Following a chat about the kind of foods you like to eat we will design a course just for you, based on dishes you will enjoy
Just let us know if you are Vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, or all 3!

Any spices will be provided free, you will only need to bring your main ingredients, and can expect to take home a feast to enjoy!

The above fee is for up to 2 people, but you are welcome to come along on your own if you prefer.

*Get in touch with your preferred dates and times for your lesson, Please note a saturday or sunday class incurs a £25 extra fee.



Healthier Cooking

3 hours

A bespoke course based on healthier versions of your favourite dishes.
Get in touch with your requests!
Everything cooked from scratch, and delicious!




We are a small local caterer, catering for parties of up to 40 people. Just get in touch with your budget per head and an idea of the kind of food would like and we will get back to you with a price and menus asap.

We can do anything from basic cold sandwich/scone type buffets to more luxury Mediteranean style, to hot food indian catering, eg; curries, bhajis etc

Delivery for hot ready to eat food is local area only, but you are welcome to come and pick up your order from our kitchen in Ely (CB6).

We can also come along to your venue and cook for you there.

-Eco Friendly Business - As part of our Eco Pledge we are a plastic-free caterer. We deliver your food in large cooking pots and dishes which we will pick up again the next day. We also do not cook red meat

- Food Standards Rating - East Cambs council have awarded us a 5 star food hygiene rating

For Indian specific Catering please see-